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Skilled Worker Program

Quebec is the only province in Canada which has the privileged rights to choose their own immigrants. Quebec takes about 20 to 25 % of the total immigrants in Canada every year. Quebec designs their selection system according to the immigration needs of the province and the people who are likely to be established in the province.

Quebec skilled worker program must not be confused with the Federal Skilled worker program. Skilled Worker” applicants who intend to reside within the province of Quebec are assessed under a different system than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada.

On August 2; 201b, Quebec’s new Expression of Interest System came into effect in order to eliminate the older first come first serve style system. The new expression of interest system can be compared to Federal express of interest program (Express entry). But Quebec program is completely designed according of the Quebec immigration needs and has a completely different Operating style -Interested candidate will have to first express their interest in Quebec – Immigration Arrima portal The expression of interest will be valid for one year.

Québec  Immigration ministry (MIDI) have already launched the Arrima portal have already accepted to take expression of interest from candidate around the world. All potential applicants to the QSWP must first submit an expression of interest for free by completing a profile using the Arrima portal. The Arrima portal will remain open year-round unlike the old system of quote and intake periods. Individuals looking to immigrate to Quebec are now able to submit an expression of interest by making their Arrimaprofile at any time. At frequent intervals, the Quebec immigration ministry (MIDI) will invite the selected candidates for filing the application for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Once the candidates receive their CSQ, they will then need to file for an application for permanent residence with Federal Government (IRCC). At that point IRCC only looks at your medical and criminal background check since the selection process has already been done by the Quebec government.

In order to qualify for a CSQ, a single applicant must score at least 50 points based on this system, while an applicant with d spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

The Quebec Immigration selection factors may be summarized as follows:

Factors Points
Education Up to 14 Points (Cutoff Score = 2 Points)
Area of Training Up to 12 Points
Validated Employment Offer Up to 14 Points
Work Experience Up to 8 Points
Age Up to 16 Points
Language Proficiency Up to 22 Points
Stay And Family In Quebec Up to 8 Points
Spouse/Common law partner Characteristics Up to 17 Points
Presence Of Accompanying Children Up to 8 points
Financial Self_Sufficiency 1 point

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Please Fill Thisassessment Form For Evaluating Your Chances For Quebec.

Evaluation form ( Quebec Skilled worker programs)
Information questions ApplicantResponse
Personal information (Principleapplicant) Age
Marital Status
Do you have any dependent children ? Yes / No
How many children you have between 0 - 12 years
How many children you have between 13 - 21 years
Education (Principleapplicant) Your Highest level of education
Title of your highest level of education
Title of your second highest level of education
Language Proficiency English ( inciple applicant) Have you ever taken English Proficiancy test (IELTS / CELPIP Etc.) Yes / No
Work History (Principleapplicant) How many years of total skilled work experience you have in last 5 years ?
Do you have a validated job offer from an employer in quebec ?
Relatives in Quebec Do you have a spouse or common-law partner, parent. child, sibling, or grandparent living in Quebec which is PR or Canadian citizen
Have you ever visited or stayed in Qubec ?
Information about the your spouse Age
Highestlevel of education
Title of your highest level of education
Title of your second highest level of education
Have you ever taken French Proficiancy test (TCF / TEF, DELF/DALF Etc.)
Open space for Comments.
Please upload principle applicant's resume in pdf, doc, docx format. Upload option
Please upload dependent applicant's resume in pdf, doc, docx format. Upload option